A day in the life of a Brick: Software Engineer Vladimir

A day in the life of a Brick: Software Engineer Vladimir

Vladimir is Clay’s front-end hero. Everything Vladimir touches turns into gold. Since a day in Arthur’s work life was highly appreciated by you, this time we would like to feature a day for front-end at Clay.

Read how Vladimir has managed to front-end Clay on his own while training for a half marathon and nurturing his social life!

A Day in the Life of Vladimir

08:00 …More like, 08:25 if I’m being completely honest… Rise and shine, it’s a new day! Time to get up, start with my morning rituals and get ready for the day.

08:43 Rushing out of my apartment and hop on the bike for 20 minutes of refreshing Dutch weather. Basically, it doesn’t matter if the calendar says July or February, that 20 minutes are always more of a kickstart than all the coffee in the world would be.

09:00 Nine AM Sharp… or if I’m being completely honest 09:15. I have arrived at work and I’m ready for the start of a new day. First things first: I go to the kitchen and examine a new section of polaroid pictures of my fellow Bricks while the coffee maker does its thing.

09:20 Already settled in at my desk for the day (we like flex desking) and went through all the remaining emails, Slack messages and short tasks from yesterday. There are a couple of front-end implementation questions from product and design teams, a couple pull requests and a response to that awesome party that Kris is planning.

09:45 Check the agile Jira board, align tasks with other team members and pick up the next task. This time it’s that awesome new feature of SALTO KS that I unfortunately can’t talk about (yet!) 😉

11:45 I send a Pull request and get back to that bug that QA engineer Latha found. We have a productive talk about what is wrong and how we can reproduce it. We get right to it.

12:00 STAND UP TIME!!! We (development team) love this time and like to protect it, the same way WWF protects pandas. We drop everything we’re working on for the next 10 minutes. All developers get together and discuss what we have worked on and are working on for the rest of the day.

13:00 A bug is solved, and I‘m sending the second pull request of the day. I continue with the next awesome new feature in the sprint.

13:20 The pull request is approved by Milan. Latha can retest it so we are able to fix the issue ASAP.

14:30 It’s time to discuss the next sprints with Medi and Ad. The connection between product, development and design is really important. It enables us to deliver the best UI/UX solution so everyone gets happy when they use our products!

16:30 Time for some small talk with Milan (the old guy) about tomorrow’s priorities and if there is something to improve in our code base.

17:30 The official working day is over. I get on my bike for a short ride to swap my backpack with my gym gear.

19:00 My workout is done. I’m back home and make some dinner and prepare lunch for tomorrow.

21:00 Movie time at Pathé De Munt! We watch an awesome movie called ‘Ready Player One’

23:30 When I get back home I read some news and watch a frontend conference video, or a funny show on Comedy Central and my day is now officially done.

Can’t get enough of Vladimir? Check out this video!

Thank you Vladimir for giving us a glimpse of your day, keep rocking at Clay!

Does all of the above sounds like your kind of working day? Apply now and #becomeabrick!

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A Day in the Life of Vladimir

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