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Amsterdam: Playground for techies

Anybody in search of a house in Amsterdam knows this city is on fire right now! Not only is the house market exploding, this city formerly known as the home of free spirits, is now the home of technology lovers! New Dealroom report shows Amsterdam has become the host of 60k jobs in Tech with an extension of 10K in the last two years!

Being the anchor of Dutch companies like Adyen,, and MessageBird, Amsterdam has become an influential tech hub in Europe. This is the reason why huge global tech companies like Uber, Netflix and Tesla has placed their European offices in Amsterdam.

With a city that’s rapidly evolving to be one of the leading tech cities in the world, questions like ‘How many people work in Amsterdam’s tech community’ and ‘What is the overall impact on the Amsterdam job market’ come to mind.

Dealroom in collaboration with StartupAmsterdam has provided us with some key findings, which we as a proud Amsterdam based scale up are happy to share with you!

  • About 60K people work at 1,052 tech companies in Amsterdam, thus representing 11% of the total 527K job market in Amsterdam

  • 756 companies were identified as startups (2-50 people), 263 as scale-ups (51-500 people), and 33 as grownups (500+ people)

  • Local tech giants,, TomTom and Adyen, together employ nearly 6K people in Amsterdam. The 30 largest home-grown companies represent 16K jobs (= 48% of home-grown jobs and 26% of total jobs)

  • The main growth drivers are home-grown startups & scale-ups, growing jobs by 13% per year between 2015 and 2017, and foreign tech companies growing jobs by another 9% per year

  • Over 10K jobs were added in two years, making tech a major driver of job growth in Amsterdam, matched only by the hospitality sector (restaurants, bars, hotels), and growing well ahead of finance and other major sectors

  • Venture capital activity, which has tripled in the last 4 years, is acting as an important catalyst to job growth. In 2016 Dutch VCs raised records amounts of capital. This means plenty of dry-powder still to be invested in 2018 and 2019.

  • 859 companies are home-grown (founded in Amsterdam), representing 55% of all 60K jobs. 184 companies are major foreign tech companies with significant presence in Amsterdam such as Uber, Netflix, Microsoft (representing 45% of 60K jobs)

Dealroom helps corporations, investment firms and governments to track innovative companies and identify strategic opportunities, through data-driven software. Be sure to read their report commissioned by StartupAmsterdam about the influence of Tech in the Amsterdam job market!

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