Celebrating 3 years of the SALTO KS Blog with your favourite posts

Celebrating 3 years of the SALTO KS Blog with your favourite posts

This week marks the 3 year anniversary of the SALTO KS Blog! This milestone is a special one for us, as our blog has proven to be a channel for connecting with our audience all over the world. Every week over the past few years, we have written and published blog posts on our website that discover the world of access control; and even further to creative and critical thinkers across several industries and events. These include Coliving, Coworking, experience design, and hackathons, among others.

This has led to the origin of various blog post series which have given our blog a purpose far beyond what we could have anticipated. The platform allows us to throw a spotlight onto meaningful work done by driven individuals. We are referring to ‘Spotlight on a Dealer’ and ‘Spotlight on a Cloud Team’ that travel the world, ‘Think Tank Partners’ in Coliving, an Infographic in Coworking, and KS Connect Partners. Other series are meaningful to us in a different way, as these have given us a chance to champion our own: RecapIntern Diaries,KS-Catch-up, and A day in the life of a Brick.

To celebrate, we have put together a list of your favourite and most-read blog posts below!

1. Top 5 coworking spaces in Amsterdam

Choosing a flexible working space in Amsterdam is no easy task owing to the broad array of attractive options. That is why we’re not surprised that our blog, ‘Top 5 coworking spaces in Amsterdam’ is our most-read blog post with well over 3000 views! With suggestions ranging from global coworking giants Regus and TNW, who both use SALTO KS solutions, to creative and forward-thinking spaces such as The Thinking Hut, every digital nomad or local businessman should find something to their liking. Find out more about these spaces, and why we chose them, here.

2. Digital Key: A multitude of possibilities

Digital Keyis one of the SALTO KS Ways of Opening and is the virtual equivalent of a Tag, enabling your phone to unlock a SALTO lock. With a single download of the SALTO KS Mobile App on a registered and verified smartphone, your guests can gain access to doors by means of their Digital Key. Users can receive Digital Keys anytime and anywhere, making issuing and receiving access rights much easier and more flexible. This blog post runs you through the Digital Key and the various scenarios and features that follow with it!

Take a look at this post for more on how this solution helps you to unlock your potential.

3. Not a millennial trend but a necessity: The success of Coliving decoded

We’ve written many blogs about the Coliving industry over the past three years, including its approachestrends and stakeholders, but this post is where it all started! Here, we introduced the concept of Coliving to our readers. We highlighted its ability to solve problems such as shortage of affordable housing and lack of social support, its benefits for senior citizens and the retail industry, and the importance of technology for designing successful Coliving spaces. This post provided a comprehensive overview of the reasons why Coliving has been and will continue to be, a successful industry.

4. The first KS Service of 2019: Comelit

In July of 2019, we announced a new KS Service: Comelit. The path leading up to this consisted of changes made on the front and back-end of the applications, developing user experience and improving the speed of the platform. With these steps forward, ensuring solid grounds for the future, we expanded the KS family with external KS services Eagle Eye Networks and ComelitThe Comelit Group SpA is a company operating on a worldwide scale and specializing in the design and manufacture of video entry, video surveillance, anti-intrusion, home automation and fire protection systems. With this integration, the path has been paved for many more successful time and cost-reducing collaborations.

Learn more about the intercom service of Comelit with SALTO KS here.

5. Top 5 trends in student housing

Student housing has changed a lot in the past few years, as students’ requirements are rapidly evolving. To help building owners design the best housing experience for their future tenants, we outlined the top 5 trends in student housing. Sustainable designs and privacy measures were among the most important requirements, as well as fast internet and smart solutions. We’ll continue monitoring the future development of these trends and what it means for the access control industry, but for the time being, you can read all about these trends here.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this compilation of our most-read blog posts as much as we have enjoyed reminiscing about them.

The diversity of the topics reflects the broad range of industries who push the envelope and solutions provided by access control. We look forward to the future of our blog and even more collaborations with industry pioneers, fellow Coliving and Coworking enthusiasts, and other stakeholders!

If you feel your company is missing, or we didn’t cover a certain subject on the blog, feel free to contact us, we are happy to collaborate.

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