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Clay’s annual ski trip part 3: “Flower, egg, breadcrumbs”

The 31st of January until the 4th of February a small group of Bricks visited Austria for Clay’s annual ski trip!

As the only girl of the group, accompanied by seven male fellow Bricks: Darjan, Hugo, Rick, Vladimir, Ertan, Christian and Niels I felt kind of a 21st century Snow white. (Check out Clay’s about page to see who is who)

Fun in the snow! Since Christian works and lives in Germany it made more sense to meet him in Frankfurt on Thursday. After arriving we immediately gathered our snowboard and ski gear and went straight to the slopes! Darjan and Ertan were the only two that needed some lessons. For two Bricks that had not a lot of experience on skis they rocked the slopes like a pro!

Skitrip 3

Perfect first night Exhausted from travelling and having fun in the snow we decided to take it slow this first evening. We cooked a delicious dinner together: Knödel and lovely lomo steak accompanied with the best red wine we’ve tasted in a long time, of course, provided by our ski trip professional: Christian. After the very satisfying dinner, we played the hilarious game Cards Against Humanity until we fell asleep.

Skitrip 3

Apres Ski The next day was a full day of snow related entertainment: Snowboarding, skiing and at the end of the day of course the inevitable après ski where we all wore Rick’s hat (no one knows why) and danced to the ultimate après ski tracks!

Skitrip 3

Surprise night! On Saturday we took a beautiful walk up a snow-covered mountain. Christian arranged a surprise that would be revealed once we got to the top. Besides an enchanting view when we finally reached the top of the mountain, there was also a little cabin in this deserted landscape of white powdered snow that was ours for the night! It was magical!

Skitrip 3

Sledding After a good nights rest (for some people, apparently we have some Bricks with a snoring problem in the team) another surprise was waiting for us. Instead of walking down there were sleds waiting for us! With a beautiful sunrise in the background we sled down the mountain! It was the perfect end of a perfect ski trip!

Theme song Our ski trip’s anthem was the ‘Schnitzel’ song by ‘De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig’. The chorus of the song translates in: ‘Flower, egg, breadcrumbs’. You can imagine we got some amused looks in the ski lifts! If you want to sing along, check out their video!

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Are you looking for a new job opportunity and an annual ski trip sounds good? Don’t hesitate to contact us! We can’t wait to meet you!

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