#ColivingMeetup: Co-creating Coliving globally

#ColivingMeetup: Co-creating Coliving globally

Last month we hosted the second edition of our #colivingmeetup in the Salto KS office, located in the heart of Amsterdam!

Themeetup is an informal gathering of Coliving operators and enthusiasts. This time we were lucky enough to organize the event together with Co-liv!

The objective of the #colivingmeetup is to foster discussion and networking with regards to co-creating the growth of Coliving in the Netherlands. However, the evening proved to be global in its scope, due to the international group of guests. All attendees contributed towards this topic by offering their insights and expertise ranging from technology to law and policies.

The night started with a talk by SALTO’s very own Christian Schmitz and continued with Stichting Coliving NL’s Mischa RusCutwork’s Chief Marketing Officer, Bryce Willem, and finally, Coliving guru and speaker Gui Perdrix.

The talks were followed by a fruitful discussion regarding the present state of Coliving in the Netherlands, and the role of technology in improving Coliving customer experience, and the opportunity for Coliving businesses in rural as opposed to urban areas.

The evening provided a platform by which Coliving enthusiasts could socialize, exchange knowledge, build alliances, and seek solutions to common issues in an informal setting (meaning with pizza and beer!).

“It was great to meet both enthusiasts as well as professionals and companies working on interesting Coliving projects. We are looking forward to continuing the discussion on how Coliving can change the face of cities tomorrow”.

– Bart Sasim, Founder and CEO of Spatial Experience

Among the organizations present at the meetup were Eagle EyeObeyoClass of 2020Homefully, and Habithousing.

Gui Perdrix ended the night with insights about building a community, user experience, and design; which he gathered from interviews and research from over 50 spaces all over the globe.

Although this meetup, in particular, focused on Coliving in the Netherlands, it brought together an international gathering of Coliving connoisseurs, who we hope to see again soon!

Stay tuned for updates about when and where you can join such an event through our social media channels: LinkedIn and Instagram.

We look forward to welcoming everyone back and meeting new professionals and enthusiasts of Coliving at the next Salto KS #colivingmeetup.

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