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Coworking spaces & Security

As a coworking space owner you have a long list of responsibilities, including protecting your space. Members rely on you to take care of security while they make use of your coworking space. It doesn’t come as a surprise that a high level of security is one of the most valued selling points. Members need to feel at home and be able to do their work without any hint of risk. If you already use SALTO KS you are ahead of the game by using a cloud-based access control system, having knowledge on who goes where and when 24/7.

For those who are unfamiliar with SALTO KS, we defined the most important focus points in securing your coworking space:

Locking your doors, the smart way Every space has doors you rather don’t have an unfamiliar person walking into, such as the server room. By providing your members access to the SALTO KS app they get automatically restricted from going wherever you don’t want them to go. Creating an access group for a certain category of people enables you to decide during which time frames certain doors can be unlocked by whom. The SALTO KS integration with Cameramanager makes it possible to even record your space 24/7 so you have everything on film, and watch real-time to see what is going on in your business.

With SALTO’s unique door guard unit, the emergency exits are protected at all times. You can use your tag to open the door, without setting the alarm off. In case of emergency, you’ll open the door without presenting your tag and the alarm will be triggered, informing everyone that there’s an emergency. With the SALTO KS app, dedicated persons will also receive a message. Having working smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, fire extinguishers and first aid kits present at all times is just as important.

Make sure your network is secured by a difficult password. The name of your cat just won’t do.

Online protection Being smart about locking your coworking space and reducing risk at emergencies isn’t the only way to make sure your space is fully protected. Unfortunately we live in a digital world where it’s also possible that your coworking space security network might be attacked. By providing your members information on how to safely surf the internet will be of tremendous help in keeping a secure network. While your members surf the internet in a safe way, you should make sure your network is secured by a difficult password. The name of your cat just won’t do. Make sure you have a second network set up for your members and update the password every six months.

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