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Discussing Student Accommodation

Accommodation is one of the most important aspects of student life.

Accommodation is one of the most important aspects of student life. 
And quality accommodation should be about more than just a simple room. Universities and real estate developers acknowledge the importance of digitalization in the student housing sector. A fully customized app for students and the faculty staff has become a must-have, to create a unique experience. This can also be seen clearly if we look over at the hotel sector to understand where the student housing industry is going. Now is the time to create experiences that resonate with the consumer. With Clay, Student Accommodation Developers and Campus Facility Management can expand and improve the scale, reach, and quality of student accommodation anywhere around the world; and that’s what we’ve been discussing over the past few weeks.

Last week we were in London for the Annual Student Housing Conference. This was the 8th year of the annual conference, at a brand new venue in Covent Garden with capacity for 700 Delegates; including top management of different student housing organizations, leading management of universities, financial investors and third party providers like architects as well as constructors were present. We had the opportunity to join hundreds of leading players in the Student Accommodation Sector.

Annual Student Housing Conference London

The event provided a thorough analysis of Student Housing as an international investment class, looking at the key issues in the UK and European markets, plus looking towards worldwide markets in the Asia Pacific & Africa Regions. It was interesting to hear from the investors themselves as to what is encouraging them, with record transactions in the market. The panels examined the future investment opportunities, both geographically, with universities and in Graduate Housing, Micro Living and the Private Rented Sector.

After London, we were back to our hometown Amsterdam this week for the Class of 2020 Regional Session: Netherlands. This exclusive Regional Session consisted of two The Class style panel discussions, and the launch of the Savills 2017 Student Housing report in The Netherlands.

As the number of international students quickly rises, universities and cities need to be ready to welcome them. The need of universities and housing providers to work together to successfully tackle the issue was discussed. The student housing market is developing rapidly, however a housing shortage remains. Another interesting topic was, the ways student housing and micro-living can change the way young people live and work.

Both events were highly informative; it was a good opportunity to learn more about higher education and city development community, as well as investment opportunities in the market. It is exciting to see that there is massive potential in the student housing sector, and we are willing to show how smart locks can enrich this industry; both for schools as well as real estate developers.

We look forward to continuing the conversation at The Class Conference in Lisbon, in November!

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