Michio Kaku’s predictions for the smart home in 2040

Meet Dr. Michio Kaku: a theoretical physicist, futurist, and the great mind behind the hype of making science popular again. He is also the author of several books, including “Physics of the Impossible”, and has hosted radio- and television shows on several high-end channels like the BBC, Discovery Channel, History Channel, and Science Channel. Above all, Mr. Kaku is the remarkable co-founder of the string field theory.

Dr. Kaku has made important sci-fi like predictions about the cloud-based smart home of the future, we would like to share with you. Because by 2040 (which is less far away then you might think!) you will use your house more as a gadget than a home...

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The top predicaments of Michiu Kaku for 2040's smarthome:

  • Who said ‘computer’? By the year 2040 we will not refer to a computer in such way. Not because it’s out of style. No, because by then everything will be a computer. From our bodies to the car you drive and the cat you pet. Computers will be everywhere.

  • Got your groceries delivered to your door within the hour? That’s great. But by 2040 we will print everything we order in the comfort of our own home with our 3D printers! New sneakers? Select your favourite Nike’s, download and print!

  • Forget about your laptop. In the future, we’ll have smart paper. Oh yeah, you heard that right! We’ll be talking to our walls and they will talk back! The paper-thin screens that cover your wall will be replaced by the screen of your laptop, phone and TV. (And you won’t ever have to settle for dull wallpaper! Turn the walls in whatever colour/pattern you’re in the mood for at any given moment!)

  • The only reason you’ll be wearing glasses in 2040 is as a fashion statement. We will all be wearing 3-D lenticular optics, which can translate conversations in a split second by then! You are now able to talk to everyone in the world without having to grab your pocket dictionary. Your lenses will translate the whole conversation and you’ll be able to speak fluent Chinese, or whatever language you pick!

  • Your bathroom becomes your private hospital. Let your mirror tell you if you need more vitamin C that day, and let your toilet be the judge of your bowel movements.

Watch Michio Kaku’s intriguing speech about the future in 5, 10 and 20 years:

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“By 2040 point and click will simply be look and blink”

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