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Favorite apps of our mobile team!

We figured the best way for you to get to learn more about our Mobile App developing heroes; Vlad and Arthur, is through their phones!

Let’s see what favorite apps are on these guys’ home screens

Vlad’s top 5

1. ABN Amro
This app has the super intuitive user experience going on. I don’t have to think about anything, it just works!

2. Freeletics Suite
For running or to measure your bodyweight Freeletics Suite is the best app out there! It gives me a wide array of trainings without having to think what to train next. The recommendation system takes care of progression of an exercise over a certain period of time. Freeletics also has a nutritional app with tasty and healthy recipes. The UX is pretty neat!

3. Netflix
I like the idea of having all my favorite series and movies aggregated in one place. Although the selection does not always have what I want, it makes my life easier. If I want to watch something and don’t want to think about it too much, I can just open the app, browse for a few minutes and decide on something. I also like the fact that it is Chromecast enabled.

4. Car2Go
The Car2go app enables a really cool service; the UX kind of sucks though. They could’ve done a better job!

5. Whatsapp
This app is just useful, not pretty. It does the job. It is intuitive. It doesn’t stand out from the crowd with anything special, it just works as expected and that’s good enough for me!

Arthur’s top 5

1. MacID
I love the way MacID integrates with my mac. You can use this app to unlock your MacBook with touch ID or turn it off/on based on the proximity of your phone. It’s great not to have to type your password every single time!

2. Music
Especially when I am travelling I use this app. Because I can combine my personal library I prefer Music to Spotify. Not all my favorite music is available on Spotify (yet), but with Apple Music I can add favorite music myself!

3. Spark
Spark is a great intuitive and quick e-mail app. It organizes my mail from different accounts in one place. It’s simple and fast, just the way I like it!

4. Runkeeper
Runkeeper is a pretty accurate app to track my runs. It integrates great with the music I like to listen to while running and stimulates me to improve my runs and it keeps track of my progress.

5. Tikkie
Tikkie is a great and simple app to remind people they owe you money. I like the UX & UI of it, it’s very intuitive.

All together our Mobile App Developers have a wide range of favorite apps, but they do agree on one: Salto KS! It’s the perfect remote opening tool, it just works!

is now called

With the acquisition of Clay by SALTO Systems, our journey continues under the name of SALTO KS (Keys as a Service) with a new website.

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