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GCUC 2017 – The Global Coworking Unconference Conference

Last week we were in New York for GCUC USA 2017. GCUC- The Global Coworking Unconference Conference is the biggest coworking conference series in the world.

For the past six years, GCUC has marched hand in hand with the coworking movement all over the world, exploring everything from location and design to branding and community building.

We were more than excited to join GCUC USA as one of the event’s sponsors, in the Big Apple. At Clay, we are well aware that access management is different for every business. Whether you are a software or service provider for coworking spaces, a coworking space with a single location or a larger coworking brand with multiple locations; Clay lets you integrate smart lock technology with access control features for a seamless customer experience. We provide 3 different solutions tailored for any coworking business: SALTO Keys as a Service, KS Connect, Clay Locking Platform. Incorporating smart lock technology with access control features removes the pain and the costs involved in running a co-working space. But also, it enables technology and service providers in the coworking ecosystem to enhance their offerings for their customers.

The customer experience in coworking spaces can be improved in many ways, to give a few examples imagine this:

  • Avoid duplication of work with KS Connect! Any data entered into one of your coworking tools, regarding users, rooms or time frame will automatically be converted to access rules in SALTO KS.

  • Connect the lock events in your coworking space to your coworking tools and services. By pushing lock events to your coworking tools, you can send customized welcome messages to first timers, automatically invoice extended bookings, grant or deny access to cleaners depending on the usage of rooms and much more!

  • Meetings can end early, even if that is rare! If the meeting room has been exited before the end of the booking, the cleaning service can enter early and be done. If for some reason nobody used the booked room, then no need for cleaning after all!

  • Well meetings are more likely to last longer, than end early! You can automatically charge for longer use of a meeting room than booked, based on the meeting room door activity.

Integration options with coworking tool and services include; Space management tools, Team communication tools, Community engagement tools, IT services, Booking/ reservation tools and many more!

GCUC 2017 - The Global Coworking Unconference Conference

GCUC had a very well thought program. The 3-day event featured presentations by Amrit Dhir from Google for Entrepreneurs, Greg Lindsay from the New Cities Foundation, Casper ter Kuile and Angie Thurston from Harvard Divinity School, and more. The interesting panels, talks by industry leaders, award ceremony and the day of unconference sessions made the event much more than an ordinary conference.

The first ever Coworky awards was organised to honour the spaces, tools and people that make the coworking industry stronger. Congratulations to Nexudus for winning the ‘Best technology to run your space’ award! The Nexudus team continues to improve their comprehensive platform with SALTO KS.

Overall, GCUC has been a valuable event for us to meet many coworking space owners in the U.S., but also software and service providers in the industry. Since the show’s sole focus was coworking it was great to show all our solutions for this business vertical; SALTO KS, KS Connect and Clay Locking Platform.

Thank you to all of you who made it to the event and visited us! For more information on how Clay can add value to your business, take a look at how Regus improved its customer experience with Clay Locking Platform: