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The juiciest of coworking events: GCUC UK!

As a proud global sponsor and big fan of the unconferences we are always happy to see our friends from GCUC again, especially when they are marking new territory overseas! This September our very own Ramesh Gurdev, Melanie Kay, Aznar Sethna and Irem Tucaltan visited the juiciest coworking conference the UK ever hosted: GCUC at Kings place, London!

The importance of technology

In her first session on-stage Melanie, responsible for cloud business development UK, introduced SALTO Systems as a company and explained how SALTO is making an impact on the coworking industry and access management.

This seamlessly links to one of the unconference’s themes: The importance of considering and deciding on technology before day one of your coworking space. Smart locks, as well as management platform integrations, should be a priority when discussing architecture and design. The key is to look for solutions that connect and increase efficiency, that’s why we were very pleased to meet up with our integration partners Nexudus and Office R&D at the conference:


Expanding coworking scene in the UK

The UK Market report panel informed us on the coworking force in the UK: Over 2.800 companies are now providing flexible space across the UK. The speakers, coming from BEspoke, Central Working, Area and British Land shed light on the economic climate in the UK in terms of coworking. How long will these strong economic conditions continue to benefit this industry and how can we prepare if it comes to an end? Luckily recent Deskmag data which was presented during GCUC UK, states we don’t have to fear the expansion of the coworking industry in the UK coming to an end anytime soon. The UK’s coworking count is just slightly above the global average and will continue to grow organically.

Let’s Talk Tech

Melanie on the second day also participated as a panel member in the mastermind ‘Let’s Talk Tech’ session; joined by Simon Buckhardt, CEO of Vonage, Tony Freeth, Director of Yardi and Anthony Fulgoni, Sales Director at Chargifi. Together the panel answered the audience’s questions of what to do and not to do in terms of tech in the coworking scene. All panellist agreed on one thing; the future of tech is all about integrations and connected devices, which allow for a seamless user experience. All emphasized the fact that tech should be a high priority for coworking spaces, and just from day one but as soon as the idea of it is born. This way starting from the construction connected devices can be put into place, and they can from the day of opening contribute to high revenue and priceless data.

The Future of Work

Ronald van den Hoff and Antony Slumbers shared the importance of preparing for future changes on how coworking customers will get their work done. Upcoming trends were identified as technology (artificial intelligence), business (flexibility) and, social (wellness). It’s great to see Regus (IWG), our CLP (Clay Locking Platform) customer, being identified as the leader of this industry with 2.4 million members worldwide!


GCUC is a one of a kind coworking community. This community distinguishes itself by the sincerely interested people that aspire to lift each other up and help each other out. Together they form a solid foundation where clients and partners in the coworking industry always can fall back on.

It was great to connect with our integration partners and customers from Europe and even Dubai! We can’t wait for the next juicy unconference. In the meanwhile be sure to check out GCUC on social to keep track of the latest in coworking!

Still not sure what an unconference is? Check out this awesome video for a more thorough explanation!