How the SALTO KS team determined their core values

How the SALTO KS team determined their core values

Even a company that’s already thriving needs some guidance. Core values are the essence of a company’s identity: They educate clients and potential customers about the essence of the company, are a compass for the teams in the decision-making processes and are fundamental for recruiting in terms of culture and team fit.

When the going gets tough, the tough need their core values. It’s proven to be very helpful to have the pillars of the company in the back of your mind while having to deal with hard decisions. When confronted with difficult situations you don’t want to waste time and only focus on the problem instead of having to invent the wheel all over again. This is why Clay defined its core values in 2018.

From all the information we gathered from our team we distilled eight core values we, as a company and as a team, stand by and live for.

Read on to find out how we started this process and in which core values it resulted.

In our recap of 2018 we already gave a little sneak peak of our core values, these values were subtracted from the heart of Clay: The Bricks. We’ve adopted these core values to eventually win the battle against mechanical keys. Together.


As a first step, we decided on an anonymous survey we carefully put together, asking questions about the company, the way we work, the product and the culture. We wanted the whole team to give their input, but feel at ease knowing the survey was anonymous and they have the platform to give their honest and unsalted opinion. With this survey, we were able to measure Clay’s Employee Value Proposition as well as establish Clay’s core values.


We’ve collected 57 values from all the bricks that resonated with Clay and its team. We then grouped these values submitted by the bricks over 6 main pillars (luckily we were all quite in line with what they became in essence) that define Clay and came to the surface fairly soon after going through the survey’s answers:

  • High level of Expertise
  • Integrity and honesty
  • Respect
  • Experimental attitude
  • Strong team identity
  • Clarity in communication and action


Strong core values tend to build strong brands. The main benefits for us in defining Clay’s values are:

  • Overall better performance through clarity
  • Ability to efficiently take decisions and own responsibility
  • Speed up the decision making process
  • Expanding the team with like minded people that know from day one what we stand for


Now that we’ve explained the way we came up with our core values, we’d like to present you the eight core values we distilled from all the (anonymous) input we received from our team.

Read what Clay stands for and lives by:

  • Innovation is in our veins; we strive for the best, we aim high
  • We communicate openly, transparently and thoughtfully
  • Each of us takes ownership and responsibility for our work
  • We lead with kindness and by example; we bring out the best in each other
  • When in doubt we act with courage, take intelligent risks and make wise decisions
  • With endless curiosity we keep learning and improving while knowing to seek assistance for rapid advancement
  • We’re stronger together. As a team we’re passionate, collaborative, playful and proud
  • To achieve the greatest we keep it simple, take small steps and always work smart

All fine and dandy, but values are developed to live by them right? Our values became our guidelines when developing our product, expanding our team and the way we communicate. We will take responsibility to hold each other accountable for them. And now that as we grow, they can grow and change with us as well.

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Clay Solutions is the company that build the cloud-based access control solution SALTO KS, offered by mother company Salto Systems. Clay’s specialists (aka Bricks) are constantly discovering innovative access management solutions. As we release new features, our API expands so you can offer more features and convenience to your customers. On we give you a sneak peek and show you what goes on behind the scenes of a software company. Get to know the Bricks, read what the team is working on, what technologies we use, how we nourish our company culture and last but certainly not least: how to #becomeabrick

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