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How to #becomeabrick

A few questions for our in-house recruiter Babet, about what it takes to join the Clay team and to #becomeabrick.

Babet van Oorschot is our in-house recruiter for over a year now. If anyone knows what it entails to be a real Brick, it’s her. We asked her several questions to explore the meaning of being a Brick.

  • Where does the name Brick come from?

    Clay employees are called Bricks, because we together make a strong foundation our company can rely on.

  • What is a real CV faux pas?

    Well, a Word document without a format is never easy on the eyes. I would say a CV must contain a maximum of two A4’s with relevant information. Make sure your Linked-In profile is up to date, and please don’t exaggerate your working history, be confident about your own capabilities!

  • When you interview a potential Brick what do you focus on?

    Don’t worry if you are a little nervous, it happens to all of us. I care about the basic knowledge they have on Clay, but more importantly their interest in our company. It’s a good sign if I see a twinkle in an interviewee’s eyes while talking about the product.

  • What could be a real deal breaker during an interview?

    Don’t scroll through your Facebook timeline during the interview. Seriously, it happened to me once!

How to become a brick
  • Could you describe a typical Brick personality?

    Respect for another individual is very important at Clay. Also willingness and the ability to improve by learning from others is a typical Brick characteristic.
    The ‘Don’t promise, just prove’ mentality is strongly represented at Clay.

  • What does a general working day look like for a Brick?

    The bike ride to the office is a real adventure to begin with. Clay’s HQ is situated in the city center of Amsterdam in an old courtyard!

After your bike ride it’s time for coffee or tea, catching up with your fellow Bricks and walking to the desk where you like to work that day. We work with flex spots, so everybody can sit wherever they want to!

At 12:15 there’s a stand up where we share what we are working on, so everybody is in sync with each other. After the stand up it’s time for lunch, play some foosball or shoot some pool.

During the day we listen to music from Sonos, it’s funny how we immediately know who is playing their favorite guilty pleasure 90’s playlist or a Soundcloud lounge set.

Occasionally I have a coffee with a Brick to catch up and discuss how someone is doing.

Whether we are chatting, laughing or working in silence, there’s always a comfortable and focused atmosphere in the office, which I love.

  • Why would someone want to become a part of the Brick family?

    There’s always a good vibe in the office. Everybody is focused and in tune with each other. You can learn so much from this company and your fellow Bricks in only a short period of time, because everybody is ambitious and wants the product to be at its best.

Of course it doesn’t hurt that the office is beautiful. An ocean of tranquility in the hectic city center of Amsterdam!

Clay really is a home away from home, that’s why we treat it with the outmost respect.

Check out our Homerun page to discover how you can become a part of the Bricks at Clay! Or get in touch to learn more about how we can integrate smart locks into your business!

is now called

With the acquisition of Clay by SALTO Systems, our journey continues under the name of SALTO KS (Keys as a Service) with a new website.

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