This ingredient can turn a good team into a great team!

What if we told you there’s a secret ingredient that can turn a good team into a great team? You would want to spread it around like confetti right? Well, in that case, today is a good day! This often overlooked ingredient called: ‘The humble act of kindness’ is easy to incorporate into any workplace. If your team is currently lacking goodwill and effectiveness, a daily random act of kindness might just do the trick! What better way to practice kindness than in your (virtual) office where you spent most of your time!

Read on and find out how the Bricks like to express their kindness!

We get it. Sometimes it can be challenging to see only the best in your co-workers. Especially the ones that are chewing too loud, decide to stir their tea for half an hour or make loud private phone calls about their sick cat in the public open office area. But let’s be honest. We are all in need of some TLC once in a while so why wouldn’t your co-workers be?

Unfortunately it’s inevitable that we all need to deal with difficult times at a certain point in life. Illness, breakups, financial issues or health issues like anxiety and depression are just a small selection of the unpleasant situations that consume 1 out of 3 people during their working hours. These often make it difficult to stay fully focused on time-consuming tasks.

Realizing the people you work with have more on their mind then the deadline of a recent project will help you sympathize and ask beyond the routine coffee machine talk. Having the chance to put an unexpected smile on the face of your coworker feels good and that has far more benefits than you might expect!

Let’s be honest. We are all in need of some TLC once in a while so why wouldn’t your co-workers be?

Reports show being kind will trigger neurological responses that will train our brain to deal with struggles of the people around us as well as our own. It also shows that teams that are emotionally attached show higher numbers of effectiveness. Why not try to relieve the ones you work with on a daily basis even if it’s just for a moment.

By practicing kindness your co-workers will be likely to pick up this good habit, which will create a snowball effect enabling the team to show three times more goodwill than a team that doesn’t actively practice kindness in the workplace.

Examples of how we like to practice kindness at the Clay office:

  • Decorating a desk when a Brick is celebrating his or her birthday

  • Ask how a fellow Brick is doing on a regular basis

  • Help each other in different fields of work for the greater goal

  • Confidential conversations stay confidential

  • Make each other coffee (or better yet, herbal tea!) in hours of stress

  • Celebrate positive feedback on projects

  • Stick heart shaped post-its with nice messages on as many items as possible

  • Ask fellow Bricks if they want anything from the kitchen when we get ourselves that well-deserved latte macchiato (we have to be kind to ourselves too)

  • Give feedback in a constructive and positive way, we’re all here for the same reason

  • Get a fellow Brick an unexpected cookie from the cookie jar!

As you can see random acts of kindness don’t have to be difficult or scary and they go a long way. Practice one act of kindness a day and it will come back to you in bigger ways than you ever expected! So smile the next time your co-worker is stirring his tea a little too long, he might need a subtle reminder life is here to enjoy..

If you are still not convinced of the benefits you can reap from being kind in the office, check out this interesting report on Psycnet called ‘Everyday Prosociality in the Workplace: The Reinforcing Benefits of Giving, Getting, and Glimpsing’.

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