Lost your motivation? We got you!

Not all of us are saving the world every day. Most of us are the heroes of a regular 9 to 5 job. If you happen to actually like your job, you’ve got a good deal in hand! Like any other human being, you need a good reason to get some work done every day. Whether this is because you have found your passion, you are actually saving lives, or you are just content with the natural flow your career is taking you.

But sometimes it’s hard to keep this motivation going as a constant factor in your (working) life. Actually, most people are experiencing at least one period in their lives when they just can’t seem to find their career mojo. In the light of #mentalhealthawarenessmonth we will fill you in on how to overcome these dry spells.

Define your passion If it doesn’t help to trick your brain into liking your job again, you might have to go all the way back to the drawing board and ask yourself, what really makes me tick? What you found interesting when you decided what to study might be as dull to you now as watching your goldfish sleep. Make a mind map of all things that ’spark joy’ as Marie Kondo would say. Don’t hold back or try to find things you like related to your current job. All bets are off. When creating such a mind map you create a clear overview of what career road lays ahead of you. If you still have no clue, or you are not confident if this is the way for you, try speaking to a career coach. This is someone who is a professional in determining where you really want to be in your life. Because this person is objective it helps you to see your situation from a birds perspective.

Find a mentor If you managed to figure out what you like to do in life (ask yourself the question What would I be happy to do every day for the rest of my life without getting paid) find a mentor who will give you a head start in the right direction. Here you can read how to recognize a good mentor. If you are lucky, you are able to find a mentor in one of your colleagues and you can start igniting your passion in your current profession.

Trick your brain You have found yourself in a hole you probably started digging yourself. You might as well just lay in it and stay there right? Even though it feels intuitive to just wallow in your career sorrow, don’t step into this dangerous trap of excluding yourself from all the fun things you probably are missing out on! When you are not motivated anymore you are probably talking to yourself and others about your job and company in a negative way. This will isolate you from your colleagues who will eventually walk with a big bow around you to avoid getting demotivated too. Instead, try to see the positive of things: For every negative thought you have about your career think of three good things: At least you have a job! You bring back your own meat! How lovely it is to have colleagues to see every day! This will trick your brain into thinking you enjoy work and will result in a more positive outlook and, yes, that desired motivation!

Try for instance:

  • Sit at a different desk for a day; a different perspective will get that motivation blood pumping

  • Find yourself some motivation by observing your colleagues. Is there someone you haven’t quite spoken to? Someone you can learn from?

  • Take another route or transport in the morning

  • Bring a big luxurious lunch (treat yourself)

  • Change your environment completely and try working from a coworking space for a day a week

This #mentalhealthawarenessmonth we try to focus even more on a healthy work/life balance.

Take a look at these five apps that will help you to get more balanced, or read how the Bricks like to take a break from work and generate some new found motivation!

Looking for a job where triggering motivation is something that values high? Take a look at Clay’s career page and #becomeabrick!