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Manage your space with OfficeR&D and SALTO KS

As a coworking space or an office manager at a large company, you are responsible for tracking who comes and goes to your space; and most probably it’s not your favorite task. What if we told you there is a way where you don’t need to worry about customers or employees receiving the right keys? That you never have to waste your precious time running around unlocking doors, and can actually manage everything from your smartphone, wherever you are!

We would like to introduce to you; the latest integration of Salto KS with Office R&D.

OfficeR&D is a data-driven management platform for coworking spaces, serviced offices and business centers. It enables office managers to achieve operational excellence, reduce costs and build an engaged community. Integrated with SALTO KS, you will enjoy easy onboarding of members, forget about copying keys and enjoy the strengths of both tools! The user-friendly interface makes it possible for coworking space members to manage their bookings without assistance from space administrators. Members can reserve a room, get access for the requested time and unlock the door of the meeting room with their own tag or mobile phone.

“Our customers are no longer worried if the right people have the right access to their space.” - Office R&D

Among the coworking spaces that enjoy the recent integration is The Wheelhouse. This brand new curated coworking space for the creative industry in the heart of Amsterdam equipped its doors with SALTO locks. Also a happy user of OfficeR&D, they decided to make use of the integration, enriching their customer experience.

“This integration saves us lots of time when setting up new users, and the automated meeting room access is awesome!” - Balster van Duijn, The Wheelhouse

Whether you’re a member of a coworking space, or part of the staff, you will surely enjoy:

  • One application for shared space management and access control

  • Remotely unlocking any door, anytime, from anywhere around the world

  • Bypassing the front desk; automatically getting access to any room you booked

  • Granting access for members and staff, 24/7 or for specified days and times

  • Blocking tags automatically when memberships have ended

  • Getting notifications when someone is entering your space after work hours

  • Fast integration

“The feedback we got regarding the integration with SaltoKS was more than positive. Our customers are no longer worried if the right people have the right access to their space. Through this integration we save not only time for our customers but we also make maintaining security to their space much less error prone.” - Office R&D

OfficeR&D and SALTO KS ensure a seamless customer experience. From member to manager, everyone will enjoy operational excellence and be part of an engaged community.

Want to know how to integrate Salto KS with OfficeR&D? Check out this easy step by step guide

The world is getting smarter, join the keyless revolution and get in touch to start your integration!

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