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A day in the life of a Brick: Mobile app developer Arthur

Clay’s mobile app developer Arthur is responsible for overall architecture and realization of all Clay mobile applications on iOS and Android.

Arthur is a young dad that raises two lovely girls with his equally lovely girlfriend in Bilthoven, Utrecht. Besides running a busy household and a high demanding fulltime job at Clay, Arthur also teaches body combat in his spare time and manages to always see the positive side of things!

A Day in the Life of Arthur

Since ‘How does he do it?’ is a frequently asked question at the Clay office, we wanted to give you a peek in the life of this particular Brick.

Take a look!

05:50 The alarm clock goes off far too early, but that way I’ll be able to come home in time to enjoy my girls! 06:31 Take the train to Amsterdam, and watch an episode of my favourite show Stranger Things on Netflix during the trip. 07:30 Arrive at the office, load the dishwasher and make my much-needed coffee. 07:45 At Clay we like hot-desking, so I pick a desk for the day and set up my gear. I check my email and boot up Slack; a very handy tool we use for internal communication on projects and fun stuff, to see if I have any important messages. 08:00 Check the app statistics to see if there were any crashes in need of some love and support. 08:30 The Atlassian board displays issues from one or more projects, allowing a flexible way of viewing, managing and reporting work in progress and pick up the next story. I boot up xCode or Android Studio depending on the story and get to work. 10:00 Finish up the story and create a pull request for one of my fellow developer Bricks to review. 10:15 Talk to Medi, our product owner about some changes that need to be made. After that, I’ll continue with the next story on the scrum board. 12:00 When our (beer) bell rings I know its time for our daily standup. All the Bricks gather to tell each other what they are working on. The stand up is a good way to have a daily reminder we all work together to reach a higher goal. 12:30 Lunch is served! It’s nice to see the grilled cheese is still the winning lunch at Clay! 13:00 Play a game of pool with one of my colleagues! 13:15 Do some refactoring on the pull request to get it approved, then build a beta-version for Q&A. 14:00 Discuss changes in UI with our UI/UX designer Ad 14:30 Do some grooming for the next sprint 15:30 Review some pull requests for my colleagues 16:00 Q&A Engineer Latha found no issues: This is what we like to call ‘Latha approved’ at Clay, this means the code can be merged to the develop branch. Latha even got a ‘Latha approves’ stamp (her giving thumbs up!) at the annual Christmas dinner! 16:40 When I finished my tasks for the day and I’m ready to go, I gather my stuff and walk to the train. There’s a beautiful sunset and the Amsterdam canals look magical! 17:05 Take the train back home after a very productive and satisfying day!

Thank you Arthur for showing us a glimpse of your life!

Do you like this type of a working day? Then you are in for a treat, because we’re in search of a second Mobile app developer! Take a look at our career page and #becomeabrick!

A Day in the Life of Arthur

is now called

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