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New CLP API release!

Since the last release (v.1.0) on the 28th of September we have made several improvements and worked on new features, which warrant the release of a new version.

The new version (v1.1) is being released on the 14th of November 2017.

The latest version introduces versioning to the CLP Hardware API. Additions to the API, as well as changes that do not break existing code for anyone using it, can be handled within one version. Changes that might break code are introduced in a new version. Depending on how big the changes are, we will introduce a minor or major version. Endpoints are versioned in the endpoint URL.

Summary of changes:

  • /assigned_tags endpoints have been renamed to /keys

  • Manual Office Mode and Easy Office Mode toggles are now managed per accessor

New functionality:

  • Added property override_privacy_mode to accessor to allow someone to open a door even if it is in privacy mode

Functional changes:

  • Handling and forwarding of privacy mode events

  • Rejecting remote opening when a lock is in privacy mode

  • Support for versioning has been introduced

  • Error responses have been included in the documentation

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