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Office Jungle: UX design

Late September (the 28th to be exact) twenty-five pairs of eyes, all in desperate need of answers to their unknown professional future were staring at Ad. Luckily Clay’s UX god was well prepared as always and ready to inspire. Ad gave a compelling presentation about what it’s like to be a UX designer in a product company like Clay.

Having a professional background, working for varying companies like LOI, Nike, Hertog Jan, Fokker, Erasmus University Rotterdam and New York pizza, Ad has gained a lot of knowledge in the creative industry. He explained to students the difference between his experiences in design agencies and working for a product company and how the output of a UX designer or a software developer gets judged differently. A big part of your visual design will always partly be influenced by the taste of your team members. (Read more about this in Ad’s previous blogpost)

Office Jungle
Office Jungle (n.) an office turning into a jungle the moment students enter in search of professional inspiration.

The Office Jungle is an initiative of Fresh Heroes. An association that matches interns to companies. The Office Jungles are organized to give students an idea of what it’s actually like to work in the field of their choosing by the time they graduate. These twenty-five students visited four companies in one day to learn more about the professional life as a UX designer. Clay was the second stop the students made that day so they were still awake and sharp. Ready to absorb Ad’s words of UX-wisdom.

Not only did the students got to take a peek into the life of a UX designer, we at Clay also got to learn a lot! The students came up with interesting, refreshing questions, which triggered us to think of what we do at Clay, and help to see our product from a different angle.

Office Jungle

Ad ended his presentation with his personal pearls of wisdom; present, learn, sketch, talk, surprise, accept, and the one we all live by: Get Shit Done!

The 14th of December our Front-end heroes Vladimir & Omar will present their take on Front-ending at Clay in the Front-end Jungle! You can sign up here!

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Curious about the Office Jungle or an internship at a cool company? Reach out to Fresh Heroes.

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