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Rafting trip to the Tara River

A few months ago, during one of our Friday afternoon drinks, we started reminiscing about our awesome ski trip to Austria. And decided that we must add to those great memories, and this time plan a summer adventure!

When it comes to planning trips, I must say that our team is pretty great at it! Not because everyone is quite easy going, but also because there is always someone that steps up and owns the organization. You must imagine it’s not that easy to plan an international journey for the whole team, with the team being from many different countries. This time it was Milan who stepped up, to take us to Sarajevo, on a rafting trip!

We all had our favourites, but we all know who was the number 1 fan of baklava!

Unfortunately due to health issues Milan was not able make it, but he really planned an awesome adventure for us. And it was Vladimir who took the flag from Milan to be our tour guide. Here are the highlights from our rafting trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina:


Rafting through the Tara River is an incredible experience for adventurers and nature lovers. The Tara canyon is in Montenegro, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, the river runs through both countries. We went through rocky waters, jumped off cliffs and even had the chance to taste the crystal-clear ice cold water! The Tara River is the biggest European supply of drinking water; it’s the deepest and longest river in Europe, protected as UNESCO World Heritage.

Quad ride
When we learned that our last day at the camp site would be rainy, and when we saw the large ATVs (all terrain vehicles), we decided to switch hiking to a quad ride. We went through a stunning route overlooking the river. Experiencing that thrill and adrenaline was just what we needed! It’s no joke when we say we work hard, and play hard!

What better way to learn about a culture and their people by tasting their food and drinking their wine? No say the least, we ate a lot! Hot doughnuts, hot muffins, homemade cheese for breakfast. Veal soup, lamb with potatoes and peppers, homemade pies for lunch. And even more for dinner! We all had our favourites, but we all know who was the number 1 fan of baklava 🙂

Thanks to Vladimir, we had a great tour of Sarajevo, the capital and largest city of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Sarajevo was founded by the Ottoman Empire in the 1450s upon its conquest of the region. Due to its long and rich history of religious and cultural diversity, it is sometimes referred to as the ‘Jerusalem of Europe’. It was really interesting to see the mosque, Catholic church, Orthodox church and synagogue within the same neighbourhood, in the city center.


The whole trip was a great adventure! Take a look at our video from our ski trip, and if you think you’ve got what it takes to #becomeabrick make sure to visit our Career page!