React Amsterdam 2018

This year’s React conference was a full day of anything React in the world’s most beloved tech hub: Amsterdam. Here all front-enders and full-stackers gathered to get a taste of React including our bricks: Vladimir and Milan, so here is their adventure.

Early in the morning the ferry with the trusted white and green React flag sailed us safely to the Kromhouthal at the Gedempt Hamerkanaal in Amsterdam: A former shipbuilding factory, right on the shore of the IJ canal. The perfect setting for the perfect conference!

In our previous blog post about last years React conference; we ended the post saying we were looking forward to the next React with even more impressing talks and a bigger crowd. We are happy to inform you React didn’t let us down on our expectations this year!

For reference ReactJS is a JavaScript library that helps developers to achieve awesome results on the web, mobile phones, tablets and VR. This library maintained by Facebook, Instagram and a community of individual developers and corporations is highly appreciated by Clays development department. The love for React in Clay runs so deep into our Clay’s developers hearts that it is always the first choice for all the front-end projects.


If we have to choose favourites this year we have to include: Kristijan Ristovski aka. Kitze for the talk about React State Management In a GraphQL Era, Shirley Wu’s take on D3 and React, Together, Manjula Dube about Rethinking With React 16 and of course all the Horror Stories.

React Amsterdam is organized by Front-end Amsterdam, which is the biggest, constantly growing React community in the Benelux, and their motto is: Making Amsterdam front ender heaven. This was the third iteration of the React Amsterdam conference and it is impressive to see how much the conference has grown in size and content over the last year.

RAll in all a really interesting and eventful day, with a lot of frontend royalties and inspired React driven individuals. Thanks for this opportunity and hope to see you again next year!

With <3 Brick Milan & Brick Vladimir.

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