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SALTO’s Quarterly Review Meeting at Clay HQ

Last month SALTO hosted their Quarterly Review Meetings at Clay HQ in Amsterdam. These meetings are for the SALTO Board to discuss the performance of SALTO Business Units around the world.

Clay is a SALTO Group company since June 2017, with considerable growth and big plans for 2018. SALTO chose to host part of the QRM's at Clay HQ in Amsterdam to reinforce the group feeling, and we must say we were happy to learn more about each BU in Europe!

Dinner SALTO

In order for the Clay team to get to know the European Business Units a bit better, they each held a short presentation of 15 minutes, with room for questions and a few good laughs afterwards. We welcomed the UK, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, Switzerland and Nordics, as well as Javier, Marc and Gonzalo: The C-level team from SALTO HQ Spain. The Business Unit Managers did an outstanding job explaining their ambition and plans for 2018 in only 15 minutes each! It was very nice for the Clay team to be able to link a face to the name.

On Thursday that week we had dinner at restaurant de Plantage in Amsterdam with the Clay team and the SALTO BU managers. You might have already seen some pictures on our social media channels. It was a lovely evening with good conversation, delicious food, and a lot of laughter.

Dinner SALTO

Clay is extremely proud to be a SALTO Group company. It feels we’ve expanded our team with a lot more like minded people from all over the world that share our professional goal: To conquer the world of access control!

Read more about the acquisition of Clay on the SALTO blog and make sure to take a look at our career page if you would like to be part of the key-free revolution!

is now called

With the acquisition of Clay by SALTO Systems, our journey continues under the name of SALTO KS (Keys as a Service) with a new website.

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