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Takeaways from react.Amsterdam

On the 21st of April, Omar (a godlike Frontender), Ad (our resident superstar Designer) and I, were happy to attend the full day conference on all things React, packed with over 1k developers and more than 25 quality talks organized in two tracks: Main and Native. The conference was held in De Kromhouthal, a former shipbuilding factory, right on the shore of Amsterdam's waterfront aka the IJ.

It was a day packed with really interesting talks, new ideas, experiences and views. Starting with Jessica Chan’s talk about how Pinterest managed to transfer to React without breaking the site for a single user, the amazing lightning talk about how to ‘Make Linting Great Again’ by Andrey Okonetchnikov and how Ken Wheeler managed to make a Fiber Custom Renderers synthesiser. Also a lot of things about testing, React VR, Type checking and so on.

Bricks at

React Amsterdam is organized by Foundation Frontend Amsterdam, which is the biggest, constantly growing React community in the Benelux, with a mission to make Amsterdam a frontenders’ eutopia. This was the second iteration of the React Amsterdam conference and it is impressive to see how much the conference has grown in size and content over the last year.

All in all a really interesting and eventful day, with a lot of frontend royalties and inspired React driven individuals. Thanks for this opportunity and hope to see you again next year with more impressive talks and an even bigger crowd

With <3 Brick Vladimir.