The Class Conference 2018 in Milan, Italy

The Class Conference 2018 in Milan, Italy

The Class Conference 2018 in Milan, Italy

With 650 attendees coming from all over the world this year The Class of 2020, Europe’s leading platform for all topics related to student living was the perfect opportunity for cities, universities and the real estate community of Milan, Italy to join forces.

As an official partner of The Class of 2020, SALTO couldn’t be more proud to see The Class Conference in Milan was the largest event up until now. This November the conference filled two days with the finest in PBSA (Purpose Built Student Accommodation), as well as coliving identifying the current needs and shape student living of the future, ensuring the 650 attendees that travelled from 27+ countries got exactly what they were coming for.

“PBSA is critical to attract international students. It is integral to provide good housing, with service and security” –Jorick Beijer, Director of The Class of 2020

The conference presented the exciting opportunity to connect with the European network of student living. City leadership and the higher education community are working together to shape the future of living, working and learning across the globe. Gaining an insightful look into all topics related to talent attraction and student living in order to build ecosystems where student living feels efficient and welcoming is therefore of the utmost importance.

This year’s theme was: ‘From Post-Industrial City to the New Urban Campus’ focusing on cities repurposing their former industrial areas and transforming them into the beacons of innovation for the next economy. Enabling their universities to morph into the backbone of the innovative ecosystem they need to become in order to attract young students. Urban campuses lead the way to social and economic success by being the melting pot of living, working and learning. Milan is aiming for a greater share of the international higher education marker and could double student numbers, according to a research project conducted by the city and student housing think tank.

“PBSA the easy times are over, so value creation through product development and a strong focus on operations is key.” –Vincent Rouget, MD Perella Weinberg Real Estate

Our very own Aznar from Spain, Christian from Germany, and FabrizioAlessandro and Michele as deputies from the Italian SALTO Business Unit visited The Class of 2020 representing SALTO KS with our very own booth. With SALTO’s electronic lock portfolio manufactured in Spain fitting any type of door worldwide, we were able to showcase a solution for the international audience that visited The Class of 2020. It was good to see the familiar as well as new faces that were showing their interest to integrate SALTO KS functionality. By becoming a KS Connect Partner, student housing providers can Integrate their own, or their preferred software solution with SALTO KS resulting in the ultimate customer experience providing access on the go and instant real-time lock communication as main benefits.

It was great to see our product portfolio has many solutions for use cases not uncommon in the student-housing sector. With real-time lock communication to a third party coliving platform, KS enables solutions for several use cases. For instance:

  • Receive a notification when a dorm room is left open: ‘Dear…, we noticed your room is still open, would you like to close it?’
  • Receive a notification informing you when the main entrance is left open at night
  • Set up an automatic notification for new students. They receive a notification when they open their room for the first time welcoming them to the campus and give insightful information
  • With the XS4 lock installed, the inside handle triggers the elevator of the building to make it’s way to the right floor right away, saving your students several moments of waiting time

One of this year’s highlights ‘Campfire chats’ was initiated with students leading the conversation on their living preferences, offering us more helpful use cases of the KS solution. Click here for more TheClassof2020 highlights!

#ClassConf2019 will be held in Berlin due to the city’s talent for education and innovation that is a magnet for internationally skilled students. You can register here for The Class Conference that will mainly focus on ‘Blended Living’ in 2019. Following Berlin, The Class of 2020 will join forces beyond Europe. Expanding their barriers to Singapore, New York and Sidney for starters.

Read The Class Annual Trend Report of 2019 here and take a sneak peek to find out what Berlin’s got in store for us next year.

Discover how SALTO KS can improve your students’ experience, click here to receive a quote or find out how you too can become a KS connect partner by integrating your management platform with SALTO KS.

Clay Solutions is the company that build the cloud-based access control solution SALTO KS, offered by mother company Salto Systems. Clay’s specialists (aka Bricks) are constantly discovering innovative access management solutions. As we release new features, our API expands so you can offer more features and convenience to your customers. On we give you a sneak peek and show you what goes on behind the scenes of a software company. Get to know the Bricks, read what the team is working on, what technologies we use, how we nourish our company culture and last but certainly not least: how to #becomeabrick

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