Getting juicy in the Big Apple!

Last month GCUC (pronounced ‘juicy’) hit the Big Apple!

Bricks Irem and Rick visited the GCUC USA on behalf of Clay, joining Bill Wood and Jennifer Stack from the SALTO US Business Unit, Bryan Leong from the Singapore Business Unit and Aznar Sethna from SALTO HQ Spain.

In this blog post, you can read all about their take on this awesome coworking event that held a place in the city that never sleeps!

This year we were present at the event with our SALTO KS booth, demoing our smart lock solution for coworking spaces. It was great to be surrounded by our KSconnect Partners Nexudus, OfficeR&D, as well as ZapFloor.

Day one of GCUC USA featured diverse presentations by awesome speakers about the human factor of coworking and the health benefits it accompanies.

We are proud to say that one of the highlights of the unconference was the happy hour we hosted at the end of day 1. Before the VIP dinner, as the SALTO / Clay team, we hosted a happy hour at the SALTO Experience Center on Broadway! It was great to welcome the attendees and sponsors to the experience centre, demo the SALTO wireless electronic locks, as well as the SALTO KS app and enjoy some drinks together. We made some great new friends, as well as reconnected with our customers and software partners in the coworking vertical.


Our most memorable findings of the (un)conference:

Gender equality Women Who Cowork is an organization especially designed to provide connection, support, innovative ideas and inspiration. According to cofounders Laura Shook Guzman and Iris Kavanagh many women are now discovering that coworking is a relatively new niche where they have the chance to make a difference.

With women accounting for 38% of cofounders, owners or self-employed operators of coworking spaces; 72% employed space managers or employed operators; and 86% employed staff members, we can’t ignore the fact coworking has changed many (female) lives. Coworking is inspired by female leadership, which enables women from all over the globe to show that great companies are being led by great leaders, not great genders.


Human contact Coworking reshaped the way we approach office design, but we need to take into consideration it’s not the most important aspect of coworking in times of crisis. Speaker Angel Kwiatkowski of Cohere in Colorado is the co-author of the first-ever eBooks about coworking. Angel reminded us that a fancy designer couch or expensive coffee beans don’t make a difference in times of despair. People reach out to people when the going gets tough. Coworking spaces are very important in that sense. They form a community where people know and support each other.

“We’re bigger together. We’ve got community. It’s not about the desk. It’s about the humans.” - Liz Elam, GCUC producer

Health A recurring topic this (un)conference was the human side and the health benefits of coworking. Coworking spaces can inject a neighbourhood with just the right amount of life that is needed to let it flourish again. With every new coworking space, job opportunities are created and therefore hope. We are caring more about the conditions people are working in than ever before because you can’t deliver your best work in a poor state.

“In times of crisis, people don’t go hug their desk for comfort. They reach out to people” - Angel Kwiatkowski

The Coworky Awards On day one of the (un)conference the nominees for the Coworky Awards were announced: People and spaces that are rocking the coworking industry in an extraordinary way. We congratulate the winners, and hope that the GCUC team will create a new category next year for access control or smart integrations! Find out the winners of the Coworky Awards!

“At the end of the day, the decisions don’t matter. The people matter. Coworking is about connecting, whether it’s sharing a shoulder to cry on together or celebrating with high fives.” - Angel Kwiatkowski

What is GCUC? For the past six years, GCUC has marched hand in hand with the coworking movement all over the world, exploring everything from location and design to branding and community building. At the intersection of real estate and technology, GCUC breaks the old rules we’re very honoured and proud to be a sponsor of the biggest coworking conference series in the world.

GCUC is headed across the pond for the first time ever in September for GCUC UK. And we’ll be there with our SALTO KS booth! GCUC will have a jam-packed year holding conferences back to back all over the globe. Besides the UK event in London, you’ll also find us in Dubai and China end of this year. Make sure to buy your tickets on time!

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