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The Intern Diaries: Saša

What it’s like to be a Design Intern at Clay: Saša Granados Escobar

Who is Saša?

I was born in Amsterdam, then lived in Colombia and Miami from age 1 to 5 and then moved back to Holland, to Den Haag. Now I’m back in Amsterdam and live with my roommates in Zuid-Oost. When I graduated from high school I started International Business and Language Management because I’m good in languages and math, but I realized I wanted something more creative. I started Communication and Multimedia design in 2015 and haven’t regretted a day!

I am now focusing on what I want for the future: my own design company! After my internship at Clay I want to work part-time for a small design company so I can gain more experience.

The Intern Diaries: Saša

How did you find Clay?

I went to the ‘stage diving’ event from the HvA with the goal to find an informative internship. There were about seven companies who I needed to pitch myself to for ten minutes, Clay was one of them. The next day I got a call from Clay saying they felt a good vibe and my enthusiasm was great and they wanted to ‘have’ me!

Why did you choose Clay?

All three companies I wanted to do my internship at selected me. I chose Clay because it’s a software company. It’s not really my niche so I figured I never would get a chance to work at a software company again and it would be a good learning school.

What is the best part of being a Design Intern at Clay?

I never felt like ‘the new one’. From the first minute of my internship, everyone was very welcoming and open. It was like I worked here for years and was immediately part of the gang!

I get lots of freedom and responsibility, which I love. My mentor Ad is the most patient guy and gives me great feedback. I learn so much here!

What benefits did you gain from being a Design Intern at Clay?

They don’t teach you how to collaborate with different departments like marketing and development at school. I learned how to do that at Clay. A lot of things work differently in a ‘real’ company like presentations: at school you give a presentation, get grated and that’s it. At a company like Clay that’s the part where the work of a designer actually starts!

Do you have advice for the next Design intern?

Don’t ask, just do! I’m still having a hard time not asking for approval every single time. I know when I just take action without asking it will turn out fine. I’ll create something awesome, or if not, I’ll learn from it.

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is now called

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