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The three stages of Clay’s hiring process

Clay is a very ambitious company: With a team of 30 Bricks we aim to help 1,000,000 customers. This means every Brick has to have a unique skillset. Combined, these specific skill sets enable us to push Clay to a higher level. This article explains the three stages of Clay's hiring process.

We are a tight team that is not afraid to step up their game and work hard on what we believe in: A key-free world.

To ensure we stay solid as bricks, we’ve created a hiring process that consists of three stages: Team fit, technical knowledge and a ‘take home test case’. These stages were initiated to ensure that at the end of the hiring process both parties involved are convinced they are making the right choice.

To give you some insight about the hiring process at Clay, here are the three stages:

Stage 1: Team fit One of the most important requirements for working at Clay is to fit with the team. In order to maintain the thriving organization that is Clay, we need to find potential Bricks that fit our profile of friendly, honest, slightly crazy technology lovers and game changers. People who have a voice, who can take a joke and be willing to grow and evolve.

Stage 2: First screening: Technical knowledge “Do you have what it takes to #becomeabrick” is one of the most frequently used questions on our social media channels and refers to stage two of Clay’s hiring process: Do you have the ability to combine technical knowledge and team spirit on a daily basis? We expect only the best from you!

Stage 3: Take home test case: Develop a working application made from scratch We are a team just over 20 people. That means the Bricks are aware of everything that’s happening within the office walls and are responsible for the way Clay grows. Therefore we need to know how you work! The assignment: Develop a working application made from scratch!

Clay adopted the ‘Take home test case’ as a tool to measure:

  • On which level you program

  • Which architectural choices you make

  • If you have the capability to grow

In order to make a test case you are proud of, we want you to have fun! Don’t be scared to make mistakes. Mistakes are the cause of creative solutions, and that is where magic might happen! The best way to get those creative juices flowing is to feel at ease so you have room to show us your full potential!

Test case review: Clay loves to learn! That’s why using new technologies in your test case is a good way to show us you’ve got some tricks up your sleeve.

What do we keep in mind while reviewing your ‘Take home test case’?

  • Are you using the same or a more advanced level of technology than Clay?

  • Are you choosing the non-easy road? (Much appreciated by our review team)

  • How do you structure your code and what architectural decisions do you make?

  • Does the code allow easy re-usability?

We are aware making a test case can be tricky while juggling your current job and/or family life. This is why you get one week to work on the test case.

This hiring process might be a little intimidating at first. But we want to make sure everybody is in here for the same reason: To make great products and have fun!

So, now we ask you: Do you have what it takes to #becomeabrick ? Take a look at our career page and apply!