Three smart ways to grant access to your business

Remember back in the day when there was just one way to get in to your business? That’s right, you would need to arrange a meeting to hand over the 'good old mechanical key'. May we ask how many times you or your members lost their keys? How much money, time and probably some curse words did you waste on tracing and copying your mechanical keys? Exactly.

We would like to introduce to you not one, not two, but three smart ways to grant access to your members, employees, guests and more, anytime and for any door without having to worry about losing your keys!



The closest thing to a mechanical key is a tag. This is a physical device (contactless key fob) that works based on RFID. Tags represent the user’s physical credentials to a lock. Every valid tag is can lock and unlock. Tags are highly secured, by using a password and encrypted proximity fobs. Only a designated user is able to find the tag number in the database and view relevant information about the tag owner, such as the type of subscription to a coworking space. Tags are convenient to open your door if you don’t have your phone on you all day. It’s also a nice way to welcome a new member to your space.

We can hear you think: ‘But tags can also be lost’. You are completely right. But now you have the ability to search your database for the lost tag and block it so you don’t have to waste time and money on replacing the lock on your door!


Mobile Key

Turn any smartphone into a key, and you can open a lock by tapping your smartphone on the lock. Mobile Keys are basically virtual tags: They can be managed the same way as physical access by ‘access groups’. You can grant designated access to visitors, members, or even delivery services whenever it’s appropriate for them to enter. No Internet access? No problem! A mobile key is stored on your mobile device, and when presented to a lock, it uses BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) to open the lock.

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SALTO KS (SALTO Key as a Service) provides a secure remote opening, using end customers’ mobile devices protected by a code. It requires no software installation or the added expense of a fully wired electronic product.

The verified smartphone sends a remote command to the IQ (the central hub of the SALTO KS system) communicating with the lock. This can be done from anywhere, as long as a PIN-secured command can be sent to the cloud.

SALTO KS’s user-friendly interface makes it the smart lock solution for your business. In the case of coworking spaces, SALTO KS allows coworking space members to manage their bookings without assistance from space administrators. Members can reserve a room, get access for the requested time and unlock the door of the meeting room with their own tag or mobile phone.

Integrate your existing management platform with SALTO KS and you will enjoy easy onboarding of members, and the strengths of both tools!

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As you can see there is no more excuse for using mechanical keys, so join us in our keyless revolution and get in touch with Clay to learn more about how we can integrate smart locks into your business!