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Use cases: More than access control

We understand access management is different for every business. Whether you are a software company delivering solutions for coworking businesses, a coworking space with a single location or a larger coworking brand with multiple locations; SALTO KS lets you integrate smart lock technology with access control features for a seamless customer experience.

SALTO and Clay created the out of the box solution SALTO KS, for coworking and coliving spaces: A ready to use access control application for your business. By integrating SALTO KS with your existing tools, take a look at how you can be more efficient and reduce costs in your coworking or coliving spaces:

Let your members book hot desks themselves By integrating SALTO KS into your coworking management tool, your members can book a meeting room or hot desk with their tag (contactless key fob), your mobile app, or mobile key, bypassing the front desk. The room is automatically booked in your app, and only this specific member can enter. In your app your members can see what the costs are, which rooms are available, and can get notified when it’s time for a meeting.

Get smart about actual booking time Your members don’t need to worry about forgetting to tell the receptionist their meeting ran late. If the booked meeting room is occupied longer then reserved for, your member automatically gets charged accordingly.

Let the printer wait for a change For your members, time is money. SALTO KS makes sure your members never have to wait for printing. They only need to present their tag (contactless key fob), to the wall reader and the printer will print their documents. By the time your member gets to the printer their printouts will be ready.

Stay caffeinated Providing unlimited amounts of coffee is one of the best ways to keep members happy and productive. With SALTO KS your members can get unlimited coffee by presenting their tag (contactless key fob), to your coffee machine. The machine will charge the member automatically and the coffee-credits can be viewed in your app.

Laundry When living in a shared space, laundry can be an issue. With SALTO KS, your members can store their favorite washing cycle on their tag (contactless key fob). Members can drop their laundry in the shared washing machine and present their tag to a smart reading device like a wall reader. The washing machine will run the laundry program the member stored on their tag and the laundry will be done accordingly.

Reduce cleaning costs For a coworking space owner dealing with cleaning costs can be a burden. With SALTO KS you don’t have to worry about cleaning costs for meeting rooms that haven’t been used. The system knows if and how long a meeting room has been used, and therefor might not need cleaning. Our data show us that coworking spaces already benefit from this solution. Cleaning contracts get optimized and costs are reduced.

Here’s how we made sure you can grant access to your members, employees, guests and more, anytime and for any door. SALTO KS offers multiple methods of opening, for any SALTO KS lock:

  • Tag, with a built in secured chip, an opening can be triggered by directly presenting the tag (hardware token) to the lock. Simply assign a tag to a user, and define when and where that tag can go, meaning which locks it can unlock.

  • SALTO KS, Locks can also be unlocked from a smartphone, sending a remote command to the SALTO KS IQ (the central hub of the SALTO KS system) communicating with the lock. This can be done from anywhere, as long as a PIN-secured command can be sent to the cloud. Remote openings can only be performed by verified smartphones.

  • Mobile key, Turn any smartphone into a key, and you can open a lock by tapping your smartphone on the lock. Via Bluetooth Low Energy, a request is sent directly to the lock, unlocking it just like a regular tag/key. Except this key is unique to your smartphone, so it can’t be shared or lost as easy as regular keys.

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is now called

With the acquisition of Clay by SALTO Systems, our journey continues under the name of SALTO KS (Keys as a Service) with a new website.

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