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“We keep growing and expanding in many international markets, and Clay has proven to be the right partner that supports us to scale globally.”

Andre Sharpe – Chief Information Officer

Global scale, same performance

Regus is the world’s largest provider of flexible workspace solutions, with customers including some of the most successful entrepreneurs, individuals and multi-billion dollar corporations. Their network includes almost 3000 locations, spanning over 1000 cities across 114 countries.

Before its partnership with Clay, Regus used a mix of mechanical locks and disparate card systems for office and building access control respectively. Key and lock management was completely manual. Regus wanted to deploy an access control system globally for remote center management; to achieve a smooth customer experience as well as to create networking opportunities in the workplace for its customers.

Clay functional specification document for Regus access control

To address this need, Regus turned to Clay’s API to gain ability to remotely control building access. By partnering with Clay, Regus improved its customer experience significantly; eliminated management of physical keys, but more importantly enabled valuable networking opportunities for its customers around the world.

Regus access control

Regus achieved a solution with a seamless customer experience. Besides giving Regus centers more capabilities, control and functionality; it gave its customers the opportunity to connect with each their, build relationships in the workplace and grow their network. These benefits strengthened Regus’ core value of community; enabling its customers to build a diverse social network, potentially leading to new clients, new investors or resources to help grow their business.