The Clay Culture

At Clay, we believe that the Bricks are the heart of our company and the key to our future success.

The Company Handbook

The Clay Academy is our company handbook which contains anything related to working at Clay. This handbook is a guide for new Bricks, Bricks that need to be reminded of the ins and outs of the company, or someone who is looking into applying for a position at Clay and is curious of how we roll. Either way, enjoy!


Diversity and moving to the NL

With over 50 Bricks and 24 nationalities, we can safely say we are committed to recruiting, training and providing career opportunities regardless of gender, race, religion, ethnic origin or age. Our strong foundation of Bricks is even stronger because of the diverse strengths this team holds.

Are you looking into moving to the Netherlands? These Bricks went before you:


At Clay Solutions, we are committed to operate our business sustainably. This encompasses our team, communities, investors, business partners, stakeholders, and customers in our efforts to reduce our collective environmental footprint.

From practicing waste management and recycling at our office to fishing plastic from the Amsterdam canals as a team, we make decisions everyday both big and small to uphold our responsibility to conservation of the planet and our impact on climate change.

We choose vendors that support our cause, including low emission deliveries, recycled supplies, and our office runs on eco-friendly bioproducts in its cleaning and maintenance.

“Clay may have a much smaller environmental impact than some of Amsterdam’s corporate giants but we feel just as responsible for the way we treat our surroundings. Some simple changes and good habits can make all the difference. As a team, we really value sustainability and enjoy thinking of ways we can use technology to be lean and green” - Wilma Georgeson, Office Manager at SALTO KS

Self Improvement

To ensure we work with the best professionals within Clay we believe that everyone needs to have the opportunity to keep their knowledge as up-to-date as possible. Therefore we want to support your journey in gaining access to this knowledge wherever available. This could be in the form of a conference, training program or any educational material. There is just one main question we recommend you think through before making this decision:

In what way does this self-improvement contribute towards your professional development and the development of Clay as a company?

Learning is just as important as sharing the knowledge which you gained. We applaud transferring of knowledge during a company-wide Townhall meeting or a tech session. Our marketing department might additionally ask some questions to draft an article or create a video on the topic so together we can create our own wiki knowledge base to share with everyone who is in search of the same!

What our bricks have to say

My favourite thing about this company is its people. Working alongside these extraordinary individuals, who are always ready to help and who bring so many cool ideas to the table, inspires me to achieve more.


Back-end flower

Working at SALTO KS allows you to think big and broaden your horizons. Whether it is related to the product or technology. SALTO KS always throws at you many challenging tasks and in turn brings the best in You. Best part of SALTO KS is its collegial environment.


QA Engineer

It's a pleasure to work and be part of high quality team, especially I enjoy long in-depth discussions about new technologies and software architecture approaches.


Software Developer

At SALTO KS we have redefined the concept of the lock. Technology is key to us and our product, as are quality, security, speed and agility. We have fully embraced the fact that writing high-quality software is faster and cheaper to build - allowing us to stay agile while not compromising on quality and security.


Embedded Software Lead

If I had to describe working at SALTO KS with one word, it would be ‘empowering’. You get to have full ownership of your tasks and this inspires you to be the best professional you can be.



It is great to work in a flat hierarchy and different disciplines. Being a DevOps engineer, I have supported mobile, front-end, back-end, and operations. The learning curve was steep but worth it. It has enriched me as a professional and everyone is always ready to crack open a chilled one.


DevOps Engineer

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