Take a look at some of the terminology (or jargon) we use at Clay to describe products, services and our hardware.




An accessor is an entity using the Clay Locking Platform. Accessors have tags, locks, and events.


Access is the right of an accessor to lock, or unlock a door, within a specified time.

Audit Trail

Audit trail is a set of records on a particular lock or tag.


Cylinder is the smallest product to open your door.


Escutcheon gives you the experience of a real door handle.

Wall reader

Wall reader (or WR) is a big unit on the wall. Good for garage doors or gates.


Physical device that works based on RFID. Tags represent the user’s physical credentials to a lock. Every valid tag can lock and unlock a lock.


The IQ modem/router combination that is the link between the lock and cloud. The IQ receives all changes and settings from your application and ensures that all locks are updated within seconds. The IQ serves as the brain of a Clay System.

IQ PowerCycle

Disconnecting the IQ from the power and connecting it again

IQ Reset to defaults

Pressing the IQ’s back button for a few seconds, deleting most of its information and putting it back to how it was initially delivered

IQ Software reset

Reset the product by sending a Reset command remotely

IQ reconnection

Reconnect the sockets on the product by sending a UDP Reconnection command remotely


Communication protocol between Locks and IQ

Door warning

Warning to check if a door is still open

Local Access Management

Local Access Management (or LAM) is the local database on the IQ that holds all access tables that is also stored on CWS. When communication
with CCC stops, the IQ can still determine who has access to which lock locally.

  • IQ version 2.5.8 (and up) supports LAM


Clay Doors are equipped with wireless SALTO locks.

RF Channel

Channel number on which the IQ/Lock connect through Zigbee operates

ClayCode / OTP

Additional security measure to secure the IQ for unwanted take-over also referred to as OTP (One Time Password)

Office Mode

When a door is in Office Mode it means, the door is in an “unlocked” state until Office Mode is disabled.

Easy Office Mode

Easy Office Mode offers the ability to schedule when Office Mode can be enabled and disabled simply by presenting a ClayTag with access to that door. You need to define the period in which you want to be able to present a tag to keep the door unlocked (in Office Mode), or to lock it again (by disabling Office Mode).

Offline Access

The Master key Offline Access setting allows continued access to assigned doors in the rare event that the IQ is offline. For example, if the wireless network has a ditch, power is cut or if the IQ is suspended, this setting allows to continue accessing their assigned doors regardless of timeframe, and until situation is restored.

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