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Smart access control for businesses across the world. Clay is here for you to allow your own customers, access their businesses easier like with Salto KS, so you can focus on what needs to be done. Create access groups for employees and assign user rights, receive messages and alerts, view entry logs, block lost tags and oversee access across multiple locations or floors, from one app.

Handling keys, arranging deliveries, and letting suppliers or business partners in across all your locations can be a challenge. We built MultiSite Manager to make it possible for Clay by SALTO customers with multiple locations, to manage access for all their locations from one tool. Whether it’s 3 locations and 20 users, or 400 locations and 2000 users, MultiSite Manager makes managing access and subscription payments simple.

Handing over keys and managing use of coworking spaces can be costly and inconvenient. Incorporating smart lock technology with access control features removes the pain and the costs involved in running a co-working space. With Clay Locking Platform, co-working spaces providers can centrally manage and automate to offer upscale and convenient experience while also reducing overhead.

Don’t let doors get in the way of care. Homecare service providers can use the Clay Locking Platform to integrate into other care technologies like motion sensors or personal alarm systems, and to easily and securely manage access to residences in time of emergencies.

Integrate existing security services and devices with door locks and access management. Whether you offer 3rd party security services or sell home security systems, Clay Locking Platform makes it possible to add access control functionality and door locks to offer features like arming and disarming alarms, granting access, or reviewing entries all from your own app.

Say goodbye to copying keys. With Clay you can define who goes where and when by creating profiles for your family, Airbnb guests or even your dog walker. You can assign or block tags, send one time pin codes, enjoy smarter hosting with easy self check-in and check-out for your Airbnb guests, and keep track of who comes and goes 24/7 with instant notifications, all from your smartphone.

Let us help you get ahead of competition and closer to your customers. Whether you are a provider of delivery solutions, or an e-commerce giant; differentiate your brand and increase your value proposition with cloud-based access control and smart lock integrations by Clay.

Accommodation is one of the most important aspects of a student’s time during education. And quality accommodation should be about more than just a simple room. With Clay, Student Accommodation Developers and Campus Facility Management can expand and improve the scale, reach, and quality of student accommodation anywhere around the world.

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