MultiSite Manager Graph

Handling keys, arranging deliveries, and letting guests in across all your locations can be a challenge.

And managing access to a single location from your My Clay account is easy, but managing access for multiple locations would still require multiple accounts.

We built MultiSite Manager to make it possible for SALTO KS customers with multiple locations, to manage access to all their locations from one tool. Whether it’s 3 locations and 20 users, or 100 locations and 500 users, MultiSite Manager makes managing access and subscription payments simple.


MultiSite Manager offers the same benefits of SALTO KS,
and now with more muscle.

MultiSite Manager Systems

Link SALTO KS systems
to one MsM account

MultiSite Manager Info

Overview all
location information 

MultiSite Manager Users

Invite multiple users to
multiple systems at once

MultiSite Manager Subscription

Manage subscriptions
& expansions in bulk

Control access across all your locations
with one tool.